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  • Do I need to have a consultation?
    Yes, absolutely. Consultations are compulsory for all first time clients and returning clients that would like to try a new method of application. A consultation will help to determine what method is most suitable for you, we can assess the health of your natural hair and carry out a colour and texture match.
  • Can I have my hair extensions fitted on the same day as my consultation?
    Yes, you can! As long as your hair is suitable for hair extensions and we have the required length and colour of hair extensions required, you can have your hair extensions fitted following your consultation. A 50% deposit is required before we begin prepping your hair extensions.
  • What methods of application do you provide?
    We specialise in a number of techniques including Mini Locks (Micro Rings), Baby Locks (Nano Rings) and various Weave techniques
  • Do hair extensions damage your hair?
    Hair extensions don't damage your hair. Unsuitable methods, improper application and incorrect aftercare do. We use the best quality hair extensions, tools and materials and our staff are experienced hair extension specialists. You will receive aftercare advice and we are always on hand to help. If it comes to light that a particular method isn't working well with your hair, we will re-assess your hair and reccommend a more suitable method.
  • What hair extensions do you use?
    We work with Nude London and Ariela Hair. Nude London is produced using human remi hair and is the more affordable range whilst Ariela Hair is for those in search of a much higher luxury product manufactured using unprocessed virgin hair. Nude London offers double-drawn Remi hair extensions with an unlimited colour palette so the choice is endless. Their hair ranges from 14"-30" so whether you need a small amount to fill out your bob or you want cascading voluminous curls, there is something for you. They also have a range of textured and curly extensions for those with multi-textured and afro hair types. Ariela Hair is a luxury hair brand with Indian Temple and Russian Slavic single donor hair in lengths from 14"-32". This hair truly is the pinnacle of hair extensions and is well worth the investment. It is raw and unprocessed, can be re-used over and over again for years and can be coloured in-salon for the absolute perfect colour match. With every wash and conditioning treatment, it gets better and better.
  • How long do hair extensions last?
    Depending on which method of application is used, rate of hair growth and the aftercare process, you would usually require maintenance between 6-8 weeks. The hair extensions we stock can be used multiple times so these will not be replaced until necessary or if you fancy a change.
  • What aftercare advice should I follow?
    - Wash and condition hair twice a week in luke warm water with a sulfate-free Shampoo and Conditioner. If there is not a lot of product build-up, you may opt to co-wash with the conditioner only. - Rub products into your hands and apply to hair in a downward stroking motion. Never apply conditioner to the top of your head. You may use our Clarifying Shampoo on your scalp to cleanse the skin and remove product build-up without affecting the bonds. - Use a deep conditioning masque bi-weekly to keep hair nourished, smooth and give it intense shine. Can be used weekly to give hair an extra conditioning boost if necessary. - Keep your hair tangle-free with a brush that doesn't snag on the hair or tug at the attachments. The Tangle Teezer or a similar brush are highly advisable. Always hold the hair in sections firmly and brush from the ends upwards to ensure you aren't tugging at the roots. - Braid or twist your hair before you sleep and ensure it is thoroughly dry to avoid tangling. Cover with a satin bonnet or sleep on a satin pillow case for extra protection and to avoid frizz or friction.
  • Is it normal to lose any of my Mini Locks or Baby Locks?
    In the first few weeks you may lose a few odd extensions or possibly experience some shedding from any bespoke hand-made bonds (although this is extremely rare). The majority of our clients lose very few bonds but as a precaution we like to tell all our clients that during the weeks leading up to their maintenance appointment, it is possible to lose up to 10% of their Mini/Baby Locks and this could be down to a few factors including excessive brushing of the hair, conditioner getting inside the rings or an oily scalp which can all lead to slippage.
  • I'm going on holiday. How should I care for my hair extensions?
    Whilst on holiday/in warmer climates for various reasons, including discolouration of the hair when coming into contact with UV exposure, swimming pool chlorine and the hair drying out through excessive heat. We strongly advise all clients using hair extensions to avoid both submerging hair in chlorine and sea water as this can damage hair and hair colour. Use a hard water treatment, hair care containing SPF sun protection, tie hair up and cover with a swimming cap as a precaution.
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